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Price list for calibrating flow velocity measurement instruments

Price list for calibrations for the year 2024

Type of instrumentNumber of measurement pointsPriceEach additional measurement point
Anemometer with one measurement probe*up to 6450 PLN50 PLN
Gravimetric dust sampler probe **up to 6500 PLN50 PLN
Issuance of certificate along with analysis and conformity assessment (additional fee)100 PLN
Description of compliance assessment method

* Each additional measurement probe attached to the logger constitutes a separate measuring instrument and requires separate calibration.

** Calibration and issuance of one certificate. Calibrations are conducted for one device configuration (one certificate for one probe equipped with a specific separator and tip). Upon customer request, it is possible to perform one calibration across the full range of flow velocities with different tips.

  • The prices provided are net prices; VAT at a rate of 23% should be added to the above services.
  • Payment terms: cash or bank transfer within 14 days from the invoice date.
  • Service completion deadline: within 14 days from the date of instrument delivery.
  • The costs of transporting the instruments to and from the ordering party for calibration services are borne by the ordering party (options for instrument pickup are available in the Orders Placement tab).