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Price list for the determination of correction coefficient (K factor) and shape coefficient (B factor) of pitot tubes

Price list for calibrations for the year 2024

Number of measurement pointsPriceEach additional measurement point
up to 6500 PLN50 PLN
In the case of aspirating velocity probes, the set comprising the probe, separator, and complete set of tips is treated as one measurement probe. The calibration price depends on the number of measurement points. The standard calibration price includes 6 measurement points. All results for the set can be included on one calibration certificate, or we can issue separate certificates for each tip.
  • The prices provided are net prices; VAT at a rate of 23% should be added to the above services.
  • Payment terms: cash or bank transfer within 14 days from the invoice date.
  • Service completion deadline: within 14 days from the date of instrument delivery.
  • The costs of transporting the instruments to and from the ordering party for calibration services are borne by the ordering party (options for instrument pickup are available in the Orders Placement tab).