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Order placement

Procedure for placing an order for calibration at Laboratory for Calibration of the Ventilation Measuring Devices

  1. To place an order, it is necessary to send a request for quotation electronically to the following address: In the request, please specify the type of devices (anemometer, pressure gauge, pitot tube), the model of the device, and the range in which the calibration is to be conducted. If a request for calibration of a specific type of device (anemometer, pressure gauge, or pitot tube) has already been submitted in the current calendar year, a request for quotation is not required, and you should proceed to step 3 of this procedure.
  2. Upon receiving the inquiry, an authorized employee of laboratory responds by sending a quotation form for calibration according to the submitted inquiry. The calibration offers are valid until December 31st of the year in which the offer was submitted.
  3. After receiving the offer and accepting its terms, please place the order by referring to the received calibration offer. The order can be sent electronically to the address Please also send the original order along with the delivered measuring device.

On the order, please include:

  • contact person’s phone number
  • company details required to fulfill the order
  • information about the method of device pickup from the Laboratory. Please choose one of the three methods:
    • personal pickup
    • authorization for the Laboratory to return the device via courier to the Customer’s address, by providing the courier company name and customer number,
    • authorization for the Laboratory to return the device via courier to the Customer’s address. The transportation cost will be added to the invoice.
  1. In cases where confirmation of receipt of the device for calibration is required, please include this information in the order or contact laboratory directly.
  2. To facilitate the ordering process, we have prepared an order form available at the following link:

Additional information

  1. The submitted devices for calibration should be complete (logger + probe, power supply, etc.) and in working order. Otherwise, the devices will be returned at the expense of the Customer. The delivery and collection of devices are at the expense of the Customer (either in person or through a courier company).
  2. Service completion deadline: within 14 days from the moment the devices are delivered.